YouTube Pro

Make foreign YouTube videos speak aloud in your language!

There are a lot of helpful videos on YouTube but they are not in your language. It's hard to read subtitles while watching a video. With YouTube Interpreter, you can watch your interested videos in a comfortable way. YouTube Interpreter will speak aloud the video speech in your language.

How it works

YouTube Interpreter on Windows 10

YouTube Interpreter loads YouTube website just like a web browser. When you watch a video, if the video subtitles are avaliable, YouTube Interpreter will get it (in your language), then speak it aloud along with the video.

YouTube Interpreter on Android

You can select any of languages that your device support. You can set the video volume to be lower than the interpreter so that you can hear the speech more clearly. You can also turn the interpreter off whenever you want.

Yes, it's simple as that. And it just works!