WeTube - The free YouTube downloader and player for Windows

WeTube = YouTube + Extensions. WeTube is a free YouTube downloader and player for Windows. With WeTube, you can select video and audio tracks at the highest quality (up to 8K video and 320K audio) to download. Beside, WeTube also works as an unofficial YouTube app. WeTube provides all basic YouTube features and many extensions. WeTube can block YouTube ads, read YouTube subtitles aloud, auto play the highest video quality (up to 8K), save a video frame as image, iterate video frames and more...

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YouTube Downloader: Download YouTube videos and MP3 in full HD video and lossless audio

Download full HD video or lossless audio

The source of a video on YouTube normally has separated tracks for video and audio in different qualities. A video track of a YouTube video may have resolutions spreading from 240p to 4320p (8K). An audio track may have qualities from 48kbps to 320kbps. Depends on a specified published video, we can have different options.

The official YouTube app or other YouTube downloader websites allow you to play or download some default tracks, not all of them. WeTube will list all posible tracks for you to select for downloading. You can select a video track in 8K resolution and an audio track in 48kbps, or you can select a video track in 240p and an audio track in 320kbps. WeTube also allows you to download video only or audio only track. Please note that the video resolutions and the audio quality options you can select are not the same, they depend on the source of the video you want to download.

All YouTube downloaded files are saved on the Windows Downloads folder.

Subtitle to Speech - read YouTube subtitles aloud

Subtitle to Speech

There are a lot of foreign videos from YouTube that are useful but not translated to your language. If you read a subtitle text line, you can not watch what is happening on the video. This inconvenient with YouTube subtitles has been resolved by WeTube. With WeTube, you can select your language and let WeTube read subtitles aloud for you. You don't have to read subtitle text lines while watching a video anymore. WeTube supports all language with text to speech enabled on Windows. When you add a new language to your Windows, please allow WeTube to restart as administrator privilege to add that language to the WeTube engine. Please note that the button for reading YouTube subtitle aloud is enabled only when the playing video containing a subtitle.

YouTube Adblocker - block YouTube ads

YouTube Adblocker

You are no longer interrupted by video ads any more. WeTube will block all video, banner and annotation ads. You can select which of ad types you like to block.

Automatically play a video in preferred quality

Automatically play a video in preferred quality

When you select 1080p resolution on YouTube, it will use that to play the next video, even that video has 4K or 8K resolution. With WeTube, you can select Highest quality, and have your videos always played on the best quality, no matter what the maximum quality of a video is. You can also specify other quality options too.

Take a video frame, play a video in Frame by Frame mode

Take a video frame, play a video in Frame by Frame mode

Sometime you like a wonderful moment in a video and want to have that picture. With WeTube, you just need to click on the Camera button, WeTube will take the current frame and save it as an image. You can traverse other frames to take, or watch frame by frame of a video to see the detailed of a video scene.

And all basic YouTube features

Basic YouTube Functionalities

WeTube provides all basic YouTube functionalities. You can search YouTube. You can login to YouTube using your Google account. You can also play YouTube in Multiplayer, Theater or full screen mode.

It's free and does not contain viruses

It's free. And in order to offer it free to you, we put a small ad banner at the bottom of the window to show our sponsor links. If you don't like that banner, please order a pro version. It costs $4.99 only and is a lifetime license (never be expired).

That is! Download now and enjoy it!