WeTube - The free YouTube downloader and player for Android

WeTube = YouTube + Extensions. WeTube is a free YouTube app for Android. With WeTube, you can download YouTube videos, download YouTube MP3, play YouTube videos in background, block YouTube ads, speak subtitles, auto-play highest video quality, play videos in frame by frame mode and more.

Basic YouTube Functionalities

Basic YouTube Functionalities

WeTube provides all basic YouTube functionalities. You can search YouTube. You can also login to YouTube using your Google account.

Play YouTube videos in the background mode

Play YouTube videos in the background mode

YouTube app will pause the video right after you turn your screen off. With WeTube, when you turn the screen off, the video player will automatically switch to background mode. It will also automatically play the next video in the background mode too. This feature is very useful when you want to listen to music on YouTube.

YouTube Adblocker - block YouTube ads

YouTube Adblocker

You are no longer interrupted by video ads any more. WeTube will block all video, banner and annotation ads for you. You can switch the ad blocker on or off.

Subtitle to Speech - read subtitles aloud

Subtitle to Speech

There are a lot of foreign videos from YouTube that are useful but not translated to your language. With WeTube, you can select your language and let WeTube speak subtitle for you. You don't have to read subtitle text lines while watching a video. WeTube supports all languages that are available on Android.

Download YouTube videos and MP3 in full HD video or lossless audio

Download full HD video or lossless audio

WeTube provides the easiest way to download YouTube videos and MP3 on your Android. You can select any video resolutions or audio quality options that the video offers. Please note that the video resolutions and the audio quality options you can select are not the same, they depend on the source of the video you want to download.

Play a video in Slowmotion or Frame by Frame mode

Play a video in Slowmotion or Frame by Frame mode

The Google YouTube app allows video playback rate at 0.25 at minimum. With WeTube, you can watch a video at slow motion or even frame by frame speed. You can select any video resolutions to play at that speed.

It's free and does not contain viruses

It's free. And in order to offer it free to you, we put a small ad banner at the bottom of the window to show our sponsor links. Such kind of app will never be encouraged by Google and never be published on Google Play store. Google automatically warns users that apps which are not on Google Play may contains viruses. That's not true.

That is! Download now and enjoy it!